A Definitive Guide To Men’s Shirt Collars Types: Various Styles & Ideal Collar For Every Face Shape

A Definitive Guide To Men’s Shirt Collars Types: Various Styles & Ideal Collar For Every Face Shape

While accessories and other fashion gears are also into play, having the right dress shirt with the best collar is something you should consider. Yet, by having many selections in brands and styles, picking the best can be quite challenging.

The surplus of names and fashion jargon that many companies love to drop doesn’t help either, whether you’re an aficionado or a novice.  Thus, the right style is there, the only challenge is to find it.

In this guide, you will:  

  • Know more about the shirt collar’s make-up including its different styles. 
  • Have confidence in choosing the right collar shirt, the best one for any event.

Know More About Shirt Collars With Tailored Unit

Most men’s style is to wear traditional collars regularly and don’t give closer attention to details.

Nowadays, men need to know the difference between a button-down collar versus a spread collar, or a cutaway collar and when to wear them. We also often hear the term “spread” but no one bothers to know what it means. Then there are collar stays which is important but most people don’t know why.

In this section, we will discuss shirt collars and its measurement. This also includes the various types of collar styles, and the appropriate occasion to wear them.

And while we’re at it, we’ll also tackle face shapes through this guide, and other important subjects such as:

Shirt Collar Analysis

Before proceeding to deeper details about shirt collars, knowing its key components is also essential in this section. Below are some of the terms and its descriptions when it comes to shirt collars:

  • Front Band
    Collar band’s front side.
  • Collar Leaves
    You can find this on the top or outside of the shirt collar, and the part that interacts with the suit.
  • Collar Band
    The bottom portion of the shirt collar that interacts with the neck.
  • Tie Space
    This is the space in the middle of the top points and the collar leaves.
  • Collar Point
    Surrounding the tie is the portion of the collar leaf.
  • Spread
    More of this in the coming section.

In case you are wondering about the difference between these shirt collars, then this is because, on the tailor’s point of view, the customer has the choice of custom fitting the height of these collar portions.

This option is best since you can have a menswear choice if your neck is long, a collar with a band that is higher to have a sort of concealment. For people with shorter necks, a short band is ideal.

Things You Need To Know About Collar Stays

Usually, you’ll find on the insides of dress shirts, typically near collar points are the following strips made of either

  • Metal
  • Plastic

This is called “collar stays” and this serves as a support to the collar points to prevent it from curling.

Other than this function,  collar stays can also help you look sharper. For this purpose, metal is ideal but a thick plastic will do. Also, pinned collars or button-down shirts don’t need collar stays, as the buttons make them redundant.

Various Dress Shirt Collar Styles

Listed here most of the collar styles of menswear on different occasions. It is recommended that you have some of them so that you’ll be ready for any event.

  • Windsor Collar
    Also known as Cutaway, Windsor collar is typically high-end menswear that you can find in dress shirt stores. The collar points can spread up to 180 degrees, or more for full Windsor knots that are larger. That is the reason why Cutaway is more known to sellers as Windsor collars, as based on the popular tie knot.
  • Club Collar
    Club collars are usually short and rounded collars, and they are also popularly called “rounded collars” in men’s fashion.  The name club collar is based on the middle of 18th century Eton schools where the dress shirt is used as a school uniform.
  • Point Collar
    The point collar is considered as one of the most common with a little spread collar. These types of wear are usually found in the casual shirts section of a mall.
  • Button-Down Collar
    The button-down collar is based on its looks of a dress shirt with a collar that has buttons down. Around 1896, it was designed for polo players to keep the shirt in its place during the game. They are meant to be casual shirts but are also popularly matched with suit jackets or blazers for a preppy look.
  • Spread Collar
    The spread collar is considered the best universal collar in menswear until today. With a spread collar, many different styles can be derived from this type. The spread can be from semi to extreme cutaway, making it flexible. Because of this, it can be paired with several tie knots, and it matches perfectly with neckties as well as bow ties.

Tips In Choosing The Best Collar For Your Face Shape

A shirt’s collar should enhance and complement your face shape. As a general rule, longer and more chiseled face structures are fine with spread collars, while round faces do good with point collars.

Face shape and the ideal collar can be categorized as follows:

  • Oblong Shaped Face –   Windsor Collar  
  • Oval Shaped Face – Spread Collar
  • Round Shaped Face – Point Collar

Guide In Picking The Shirt Collars For Various Occasions

It’s also essential that you have proper menswear for every occasion. Here are some occasions that will be covered in this section and its ideal collar:

  • Weddings
    Most of the time, men wear tuxedos or suits during weddings. Thus,  spread collars can be the best match, and but a wing collar could also be a good choice.
  • Black Tie Or Tuxedo Events
    With tuxedos on black tie events, two collar types can be considered;  either you use spread or a wing type.
  • Workplace
    In traditional offices, the spread collar is ideal for sports. If your workplace is lenient,  a button-down collar could also work.
  • Casual Occasions
    Casual look for these occasions that are more tolerant than strict, formal ones. Thus, a button-down collar will be best.

Ideal Shirt Collar For Neckwear

Neckwears should also be paired in accordance with the collar type. Listed below are some of the most popular neckwear and the ideal collars to match them with:

  • Shirt Collars With A Sweater
    For this, spread and button-down collars will be ideal, and donning a tie knot works just fine.
  • Skinny Tie Shirt Collars
    Skinny ties work best with smaller spaced collared shirts, can also be ideal for smaller tie knots.
  • Traditional Necktie Shirt Collars
    For more casual events, a button-down collar with a necktie with a is best.
  • Bow Tie Shirt Collars
    Since their knots are small and modest, bow ties are best with any collared shirt with few exceptions.
  • Shirt Collars With A Suit
    Typically, your best option for a shirt collar with a suit is a spread collar.

Most men’s style is accustomed to wearing traditional collars regularly and don’t give closer attention to details. The guide above should shed some light to frequently asked questions when it comes to collar styles.

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